Convertd, has .... Convertd!

Important Update: 31/5/21 @ 13.27pm,

Convertd Director & CEO Santo Arabia informed Head of Digital Advertising Chaz McGregor via email that he was withdrawing as the sole Director of Convertd and ceasing all involvement with the company moving forwards; effective immediately. This email was received as stated at 13:27pm on 31/5/21..

Chaz was handed control of the agency, clients and staff by the former Director via said email and is excited to see that the Convertd Journey continues despite the departure of Santo Arabia.

.His 20+ years at the helm of digital agencies (he co-foundied Australia's first SEO/SEM agency as far back as 1999) will ensure Convertd is in good hands.

The agency will continue to set the benchmark for cutting edge digital advertising technology and solutions. while delivering consistent, measurable outcomes for our clients.

.The resigning Director detailed specific orders and actions be executed to ensure a smooth transition for both clients and staff.

His email was extremely clear. and his actions now completed, the agency is now being led by Chaz, and the former Director is free to pursue other ventures as was his desire.

We all thank him for his time and efforts and wish him well on whatever new path he chooses to take.
Should you need to reach him,, he can be contacted at

Hi, I'm Chaz McGregor, Digital Marketing Expert and your new Direct Contact.

We've minimised any interruptions for our clients through this process. The only changes they'll notice are cosmetic and operational.. My team and I have used this process to refine the way we perform certain tasks, like reporting, so we have some exciting updates to reveal this week which we think clients will love. My team and I will be trading for now under ''Chaz McGregor' and website

We also have new numbers and emails so please update your contacts .

There are some really exciting developments and strategies we've been working on and perfecting for both lead gen and ecomm clients.. In short, they annihilate the recent privacy concerns from Apple and soon to be Google, so you can see data AND resume sleeping again.. More on that later though on our homepage.

For now please update your address books and join the newsletter at when it is live so we can keep you informed. You won't be disappointed.

Last but not least, thank you,. for both working with Convertd and giving me the opportunity to carry on that  work with you under this new structure. This isn't my first rodeo, there are some good times to be had ahead!